La Botica Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated pharmacy in the city of Coachella, CA. The owners, Chandra Patel and Sapna Patel are a husband and wife team who began this pharmacy with a dream. The dream was to provide a pharmacy that caters to the needs of the Hispanic clientele. We do everything to make sure that our patients get great prices and excellent service. With unmatched caring and compassion, our pharmacy staff will make sure you will fall in love with our pharmacy.

We have plenty of satisfied patients. It’s satisfying to know that your existing patients are so happy with our service and price that they voluntary get their friends and family to make the switch to come to La Botica HealthMart Pharmacy.

Another reason the current owners chose Coachella to call its home was primarily because of the lack of attention placed on the needs of the people who lived in Coachella, Thermal, Mecca and the rest of the East Valley. For more than 40 years, the only choice Coachella patients had was a large chain pharmacy. For these large pharmacies, the lack of competition made it constantly overwhelmed with prescriptions and thereby not able to focus on the individual needs of their patients..

The need to offer excellent service is one of the primary driving forces for our pharmacy. Wait times at chain pharmacies are unpleasantly long. This is where we come in and offer our patients with great service at much faster time to fill than any of our competitors. We can typically fill our patient’s prescriptions in less than 15 minutes.

When it comes to value and price, our pharmacy seeks to deliver both while maintaining our excellent service. La Botica HealthMart Pharmacy can beat any cash price, even at those large chain pharmacies *(as long as price doesn’t go below cost). To see how much you can save, please call us at (760) 296-3468.